Seniors in Action Business Alliance

When the Arizona Mature Workforce Initiative ( was launched in February 2005, a cluster of senior service providers, senior citizens and senior advocates were putting the finishing touches on a Commission on Aging Feasibility Study ( for the City of Sedona.

A particular section of this study addresses the “Economic Development Implications of Seniors in Sedona” where many questions are asked in the areas of public amenities, workforce, transportation, education (to name a few) and established the fact this demographic is drastically being ignored. Read the study and find out information relevant to many of our senior-dominate Arizona communities.

The Verde Valley Seniors in Action Coalition decided to move forward partnering with the City and the Chamber of Commerce to encourage economic development in senior-related industries. As a result, the Seniors in Action Business Alliance (SABA) was formed in 2006 with meetings commencing in January 2007.  SABA’s mission is to unite organizations, businesses and individuals of all ages through an ongoing dialogue in order to understand and support a senior-friendly business environment, promote the creation of businesses and services serving seniors’ needs, and to be a catalyst for promoting the mature workforce in Sedona and the Verde Valley.

First order of SABA’s activities requested by the businesses and employers was to create a survey to determine what goods, services, education and activities seniors desire, what kind of work they seek, what workplace skills they have and need, and how they acquire information. This survey was circulated in 2007 and 2008 achieving a point of reference for businesses. However, due to recent economic events, personal finances have drastically changed for boomers and seniors, thus another survey is planned for distribution in 2010.

Additional SABA activities educated employers and job seekers to the Arizona Mature Workforce Initiative and the programs being developed by the Governor’s Advisory Council on Aging Mature Workforce Committee such as the creation of the AZMATUREWORKERS.COM website and the Mature Worker Friendly Employer’s Certification Program.  Knowledgeable speakers from Governor’s Office on Aging, AARP, Yavapai and Gateway Colleges have attended SABA sharing programs and resources imparting employment databases, career training, mature workforce job fairs and other business opportunities.

It isn’t difficult to start a similar program in your area enabling a concerted effort among community associates.  Begin by checking the list of employers located in your community who have earned the Mature Worker Friendly Employer’s Certification. Talk to the financial officer in your municipality, the local Chamber of Commerce, your elected officials, and perhaps your regional Economic Development Council to become a strategic partnership in creating your local senior business alliance.


What Seniors in Action Business Alliance can do

for Business Owners & Seniors/Boomers

           For Business Owners:

o    Learn how to be an Elder-Friendly Business

o    Methods & strategies to cultivate a Mature Workforce

o    Understand Arizona Mature Friendly Employer Certification Program

o    Discuss Economic Development Opportunities: senior housing, transportation, goods, various services assisting seniors with accounting, medical needs, discounts, etc.

o    Create more business revenue by targeting sales incentives to the largest prolific demographic in the Sedona – Verde Valley area.


For Seniors & Boomers:

o    Let your wishes be heard by business owners to fulfill the goods and services you desire – businesses need to hear from YOU

o    Teach businesses the meaning of being “elder-friendly”

o    Learn (first-hand) about employment opportunities that match your talents and knowledge

o    Learn about volunteer opportunities in your area


to be announced soon